By: Richard Hooper

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Friday, October 3, 2008 at 2:02pm

Not a Bimbo After All

Column: A Heretic in Babylon
Yesterday my evil twin brother posted a column on this site. You may have believed that it was posted by me, but it wasn’t, couldn’t have been. It was way over the top. Captain Dicky of the Ozone (that’s what the family calls him) can inappropriately shoot off his mouth without thinking sometimes—especially when he’s off his meds. The family has talked about committing him, and that would probably be a good idea. He could do far less damage if he was locked up. And gagged. And had his fingers broken.

In any event, I apologize for him. He can be such and idiot. If you haven’t read his post, don’t. The guy embarrasses the hell out of me.

He was definitely wrong about several things. For starters, the debate was last night, not tonight. Secondly, he now knows that Sarah Palin is not dumber than W. After all, who could be?

Unlike W., Sarah can speak, using in complete sentences that actually make sense. Whatever her political and religious leanings, she’s a heck of a public speaker. In fact, I’d say that Sarah Palin was the best speaker among the four candidates, with Joe Biden coming in second.

My evil twin brother also had it wrong when he called Sarah a bimbo. She’s not. A babe, maybe (sorry, ladies, but she really is), but not a bimbo. She may be a wind-up doll that her handles coached very, very well, and put into motion, but she still deserves credit for doing a superb speaking job all on her own (I hate her.) She never stumbled, and her statements were so clear that it almost seemed as if she was reading off a tel-a-prompter—or however those things are spelled.

My evil twin brother did want to point out, however, that everyone skirted religious issues last night (like they always do,) with the possible exception of the issue of gay marriage (which McCain and Pain are against.) The debate never got close to Palin’s core beliefs—religious beliefs that will motivate everything she would do if the oval office ever becomes hers. If one didn’t know it from other sources, one might not be able to tell from listening to last night’s debate, that Sarah Palin is a Christian fundamentalist.

Too bad that those who run these debates—and who are they, anyway?—insist on such artificial encounters. What would be wrong with dropping all the civility and letting everyone go at each other in a free-for-all, smack down? The debates would be a lot more fun to watch, and we might finally get to some core issues, exposing everyone’s core principals and true natures in the process.

The Sarah wind-up-doll also made it clear that she and her running mate weren’t interested in putting money into alternative energy programs. They still want to drill, drill, drill. Sarah still believes, like W., that much of global warming is due to nature’s whims, not to human stupidity. A little bimbo-ish here, perhaps?

More importantly, Palin hasn’t noticed that the environment has actually become a religious issue among evangelical Christians, and that many of them are turning green, finally recognize that a truly good Christian is someone who protects, not destroys God’s Creation.

And, as far as sitting down and talking with one’s enemies, without preconditions, what would Jesus do? Shouldn’t Sarah Palin, as a Christian, be asking herself that question?

My crazy twin brother still insists that, although Sarah Palin may not be a bimbo, is an excellent and effective public speaker, and more intelligent than W.—it still scares him to think that she might one day have her finger on the nuclear trigger. Perhaps he he’ll feel better about that after we get him back on his meds.